Generator Sales & Service Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin

At Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc., we’re a generator dealer that carries some of the best brands in the industry:

We believe in giving you the quality you deserve, which is why we only carry and install the best. Our Minnesota generator installers will review brands with you, determine which is right for you, and then install the unit correctly and efficiently. That way, you’re prepared for power outages as soon as possible.

Reliable Generators For Your Home Or Business

We believe in providing you with generators that will last generations. This means outfitting your home or business with the proper sized generator. For instance, a 10kW GE generator will power up to 5,000 square feet, 13kW will power up to 8,000 square feet, and 17kW will power up to 11,500 square feet. We also look at your budget to determine which brand is going to help you achieve the power you need for a price that works for you.

Generators That Pay For Themselves

The generator brands that we offer pay for themselves time and time again. Consider the inconveniences and the costs that power outages can incur, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. The costs can be astronomical over time, which allows a generator to pay for itself over time and more.

In Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, residents are not strangers to power outages because of the type of weather that impacts this part of the country. While the utility companies do everything they can to keep the utilities running, there are times when power stations become overwhelmed from everyone trying to maintain the temperature within their homes or heavy snow overwhelms power lines. This can cause a great deal of hardships. This is why so many individuals in the Midwest have invested in generators for their residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.

Warranties You Can Trust

As a part of us carrying the best brands, you also receive warranties you can trust. Rather than the short-term warranties of some brands, you receive a 5-year warranty that plays an important role in ensuring that you have a generator that is highly reliable and durable. The warranty covers certain types of repair and we at Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc. can perform those repairs for you. There is no need to call another company when we are your one stop shop for everything relating to your generators and electrical systems.

Contact A Minneapolis Generator Company

From generator installation to maintenance and repairs, we service all of Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. The brands that we carry are some of the best in the industry, giving you the reliability that you would expect out of a quality generator. To learn more about our generator brands and our generator and electrical services, call us at 612-284-1550 to schedule a free consultation.