Generac Generators Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin


Generac is widely recognized for being a leader in electrical generator technology and for the reliability and longevity of their products. As one of the premier Generac dealers in the Midwest, we’re experienced in providing the ideal model for your needs, as well as providing Generac generator installation, repair, and service.

Generac offers single generator sets of up to 2MW. They create standby systems that work for data centers and large commercial and industrial facilities. These are generators that work for homeowners and for businesses and our Minnesota generator team can install them for you.

Generators For Homeowners

Generac home backup generators are able to power any task at home, allowing you to keep the lights on when the power goes out. This is very important in the wintertime, especially. In Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, a power outage in the winter can mean a very cold experience. This is especially true since a lot of winter power outages are due to large amounts of snow or ice.

In the summer, power outages can occur because of storms or because the power stations become overloaded due to the large number of air conditioners pulling off of the electrical grid. If your power goes out in the summer, once again, you can keep the lights on and stay cool.

Generators For Business Owners

When you have a generator for your business, you’re giving yourself a competitive edge. Consider this: The power goes out and your lights stay on when your competitor is in the dark. This means that you’re still open for business while they’re not – it’s as simple as that. You’ll be able to continue operations and have a positive impact on your bottom line. This is especially true for retail establishments. For factories, production can continue to some capacity so everything doesn’t come to a standstill. There are so many possibilities when you have a generator for your business.

For warehouses or data centers, these generators keep things moving. It is very important for a data center to have backup power because they could bring down computer systems all over the country if they go down.

Remote Generator Monitoring

Another feature of Generac power systems is the Mobile Link application, which gives owners the ability to monitor their generators remotely from their mobile device. This is a feature that comes with a cost, but you are able to know what is happening with your generator at all times and you can even link your Mobile Link account to us so that we can monitor your generator for any issues. This is a great way to ensure that your generator lasts for many years to come.

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At Midwest Electric & Generator, we’re proud to offer Generac standby generators, one of the finest brands in the business. We only carry the best because we want you to have the best generator for your home or office. To learn more about our generator products and services or to request a free quote, call us at 612-284-1550.