Kohler Generators Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin


Kohler generators are a very popular brand in the standby power sector. They specialize in residential and commercial generators that can power homes and businesses of all different sizes when the utility power fails.

Whether you are a homeowner, industrial business owner, or a small business owner, Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc. can install a Kohler generator that will keep you up and running when the power isn’t. Our expert Minneapolis generator company has installers throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin who will perform the installation and do it right so your generator lasts for years to come.

Home Generators That Last

Home generators keep the power on when the utility power goes off. Within seconds, the system detects the utility power failure and begins the startup sequence so your lights are on in not time. These Kohler generators run on natural gas or propane so you don’t have to worry about refueling. You can power your refrigerator, electronics, lights, water, and heat or AC.

Small Business Generators

A small business generator is essentially a commercial generator that keeps the power on and your business running when the utility power goes out. It is installed outside of the business and looks just like an air conditioning unit. When the power goes out, it comes on automatically, whether your doors are open or closed. This process starts within seconds of a power outage so you’re back up and running immediately.

Kohler commercial generators run on propane or natural gas so that you do not have to worry about refueling. You can power your industrial refrigerator or freezer, security systems, gas pumps, computers, lights, and heat or AC.

Industrial Generators

Kohler industrial generators are very powerful because they’re built to handle a lot to power. The Kohler diesel generators can be used to power airports, factories, transportation systems, data centers, and other large facilities. In the industrial world, power outages can cause a great deal of stress and financial damage. With a Kohler industrial generator in place, a lot of the troubles caused by power outages can be reduced or eliminated. These generators are also operated by propane or natural gas so that there’s no need to refuel. What you receive is a constant supply of power to your most essential operations.

Wireless Monitoring

Kohler generators also come with wireless monitoring. This means that you can monitor your generator remotely from your smartphone, laptop computer, or even your tablet. Monitoring allows you to see any issues or just see what’s happening with your generator. You can also opt to have our generator company link up with your monitoring software so we can see what’s going on with your unit. This is a great step toward making sure the generator is always in good working condition.

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