Winco Generators Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin

10479155_748066355232646_3004282494477016689_nWinco has been in business since 1927, and makes generators that are classified as exceptional units that perform the way they were intended. Winco has designed their generators to work hard in order to compensate for the power lost during power outages.

There are two main criteria that Winco generators have to meet:

  1. The generator has to be among one of the most dependable and durable generators on the market.
  2. It has to produce the power that is needed from it. In other words, it has to produce “big power.”

Some homes and businesses have demanding loads and it’s very important that a generator is able to meet these requirements. Winco generators have proven themselves time and time again to exceed the expectations placed upon them. They also last, as they are encased in galvanized steel, which inhibits rust, even if there is damage to the paint layer.

Winco Generators And A Wide Range Of Applications

Our Minnesota generator installers have installed Winco generators for a number of applications, including agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial uses. This ensures that small businesses, medical facilities, and many other industries remain online when they need to be. A power outage can disrupt productivity and cause a great number of inconveniences. Having a generator in place can help productivity continue, and avoid many of the issues that arise during an emergency power outage.

Safe For Sensitive Electronics

If you have sensitive electronics in your home or business, Winco carries standby generators that work well with sensitive electronics. This is possible through voltage regulation that ensures there are no power surges going into the home or business. This means you do not have to worry about large amounts of voltage spikes running through your smallest electronics and destroying them.

Liquid Cooled Engines

Another feature of Winco generators are their liquid-cooled engines. Generator engines can get hot when they have to run for prolonged periods of time. In this case, the liquid cools down the engine so it can run much longer than it would with air cooled models.

Each liquid-cooled unit comes standard with a jacket heater that keeps the engine block warm and ready to start. This is key to cold weather starting, especially in the low temperatures that Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota are well-known for during the winter. Those that are outfitted with jacket heaters can be frequently found throughout the northern part of the Midwest so that the units do not freeze up when the temperatures plunge.

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Winco is another high quality brand that is carried and installed by Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc. Because we believe in fair warranties, high quality products, and generators that are designed to do what you need them to, we only carry the most elite brands. To learn more about our backup generator and electrical services or to receive a free quote, call us at 612-284-1550 today.