At Midwest Electric and Generator, Inc., we have full-service generator contractor experts ready to help you.

If you’re a generator contractor or electrician looking to get involved, please contact us. We work with electricians throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin to ensure successful generator installs. We’re committed to working with customers to secure satisfaction during the install and for many years to come. We do this by providing high quality generators and generator packages that meet a wide range of customer needs. And part of this commitment to service is bringing on knowledgeable and professional generator contractors into our team.

Your Preferred Generator Consultants

In addition to providing you with products and services that you can pass on to your customers, we will consult with you and provide all of the information you need. We also deliver quotes and assistance when needed, so you can take full advantage of our service while serving your client.

If there is a service or warranty issue, we will come and take care of the problem so you don’t have to. We handle all your electrical and generator needs while you maintain a strong business relationship with your customer. We are here to help you retain your customers and increase your business, not take business away from you. We also save you time by taking care of repair and maintenance issues for you. In other words, you can offer the equipment, but you don’t have to support it.

We Help Our Contractors

When you choose to offer generator products and services from Midwest Generator and Electric, there are a number of advantages:

  • You are able to provide your customers with top-of-the-line generator products and services.
  • You reduce your liability.
  • You have access to the information and support you need when you need it.
  • You can offer your customers a standby generator, but you don’t have to deal with installation or maintenance.
  • You aren’t responsible for warranty repairs and other service calls that may occur after installation.
  • You have the support of an experienced Twin Cities generator company behind you rather than having to be responsible for everything.
  • You are able to offer more electrical services to your customers. Homeowners and business owners like to deal with one contractor for their needs rather than having to make multiple calls.

We have trained technicians on standby to help you with installation, customer training, warranty matters, and much more.

Contact Our Minnesota Generator Company

Serving Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, Midwest Electric and Generator, Inc. is there when you need us. We specialize in generator installation, generator repair, and maintenance, and we’re experienced with multiple generator brands and products. If you want to provide your customers with high quality generators and a full line of generator services, call us today at 612-284-1550.

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