Commercial Installation

Commercial Generator Installation Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin

It’s crucial for a business to have backup power when the electricity goes out. Retail establishments, for instance, are those that benefit greatly from generators. When the power goes out and you have a backup generator, customers can finish shopping and checkout rather than having to leave their carts in the middle of an aisle and lose precious time because there’s no power. This is something that causes a great deal of inconvenience for the customer and unnecessary work for employees. The energy of having to put items back could go into other important operations.

This is just one example of how a commercial building can benefit from having a generator installed. Hospitals, office buildings, data centers, schools, and many others can benefit from commercial generators in a wide range of ways. The businesses of today have a plethora of critical power, telephone systems, and computers that have to be on at all times. Emergency generator backup has to be in place to prevent failures from occurring.

Matching You With The Right Generator

At Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc., we will match your commercial or industrial establishment with the right generator. We evaluate your facility, commercial building energy consumption, business needs, and expectations for a generator to achieve optimal functionality in your business. Once you choose the generator that will work for you, we can also perform the installation.

When we install a commercial generator in businesses throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, we ensure that only the best practices are used. We are extremely thorough so we can make sure you are fully prepared for the next time utility power fails. That way, you have a lot less stress to deal with when the power goes out, your bottom line will not suffer over a power outage you cannot control, and the operation of critical systems can continue when they wouldn’t otherwise.

Taking Care Of Your Electrical Needs

When your generator is installed, it’s set to instantly take over when there is no power coming from the utility lines or the power drops below 85%. It takes just a few seconds for your generator to begin the start sequence so that everything is up and running as quickly as possible – usually within 10 seconds. Our generator installations make sure all power cutover and modulation provides clean power to your facility where it’s needed the most.

Contact A Minnesota Generator Installer

It’s critical that your commercial or industrial establishment has a generator that can kick in when utility power fails. That way, your facility can continue to run as you need it to for as long as possible. This is something that can prevent lost revenue, as well as save money and time, thus having a positive impact on your bottom line. To learn more about our commercial installation services, call us at 612-284-1550 or you can request a free quote on our generators and electrical services.