Off Grid Installation/Hybrid

Off Grid/Hybrid Generator Installation

Hybrid generators have become a popular choice for many because they consume less fuel, and maintenance intervals can be extended. The operational lifetime is also longer than conventional generators, delivering power in a reliable way with less than half of the emissions of the usual generator. All of this is carried out on a computer-controlled platform that’s flexible and simple.

At Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc., we can install off grid / hybrid generators for your needs. While they do have a higher cost than conventional generators, there are a number of features that are rather unique, such as the hybrid power, which homeowners and businesses are becoming more interested in throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Low Cost On-Site Energy

Off grid / hybrid generators combine advanced generator technology with integrated energy storage for fuel efficiency. Hybrid generators eliminate a lot of waste by running their engines to charge their batteries. When the batteries are depleted, the engine starts. This is very similar to the way a hybrid car works. All of this is computer controlled without the user having to input anything.

The result is lower fuel consumption, allowing the generator to go longer and run at full capacity on the fuel in its tank. Hybrid generators have come so far that they have even been integrated into solar panels or wind turbines. The technology is one that is taking off and giving individuals the sustained power they need when utility power has failed.

All in all, power production is optimized, as is energy storage, to achieve the most electrical output per fuel unit.

Efficient Generator Power

Our Minneapolis generator company is seeing more people wanting more power from their generators and this is one way in which we are giving that to them. We are giving them unmatched efficiency. In fact, a hybrid set can consume up to 60% less fuel than conventional generators. There is an ability to deliver power 24/7 without continuously running the engine. This is what extends service intervals and even the life of the engine and batteries.

This efficient form of generator power also lowers the impact on the environment. Less fuel is needed and emissions from the engine are emitted into the air in shorter intervals rather than non-stop while the generator is running, which saves you money on fuel, provides sustained power, and reduces your carbon footprint.

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