Minnesota Generator Management Systems

Monitoring your generator is very important, which is why some of the brands that we carry offer Generator Management Systems that help you monitor your generator from a computer. Monitoring can occur either on-site or remotely, which helps you identify any fault codes that may come about. This form of monitoring is a useful tool that can help you extend the life of your generator by being able to see the status at all times. If you see fault codes or another issue, then you can call our Minneapolis generator company for a solution.

OnCue Plus

With OnCue Plus, you can manage your Kohler generator system from anywhere via a laptop or even receive text or email updates in real-time. You can view the generator, Load Control Module, automatic transfer, and Programmable Interface Module (depending on the equipment you have) from a computer. All you need is the OnCue Plus software and an internet connection. Some of the features include:

  • Message relayed to you or even us
  • Review the history of diagnostic fault codes
  • Manage multiple generator sets on a single screen

MyGEN Care

MyGEN Care is another monitoring option that enables you to monitor your generator for any performance deficiencies and issues that may need immediate attention. You will see important messages, fault codes that may indicate that there is a matter that needs to be addressed, and receive an overall big picture of your generator’s operation right from your internet-enabled device. You can also link the software to our company so that we can view important information about your generator. This makes it easier for us to give your generator the attention that it needs immediately, rather than burdening you with having to interpret all of the results that you may see. This feature in itself can save you a great deal of time.

Mobile Link

Mobile Link puts your generator’s information in your hand, allowing you to keep everything in one place. Mobile Link’s cellular remote monitoring allows you to obtain and share information about your generator. You can check the current operating status, historical information, the maintenance schedule, and much more from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you have to do is install the Mobile Link device on your generator before creating your account. Once the account is created, you can access information with these features:

  • Remotely set the exercise schedule
  • View the current status of the generator
  • View the upcoming maintenance needs
  • Get local weather updates
  • Review the maintenance and run history
  • Change your messaging settings
  • Connect your account to us so that we can view your alerts and maintenance schedule

Contact The Trusted Minnesota Generator Installers

Monitoring your generator is very important so that you know your power status at all times. With the right tools, you can effectively monitor your set while on-site or remotely. To learn more about the monitoring tools that may be available for your particular unit or to obtain a free quote on any of our services, call Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc. today at 612-284-1550 today.