Generator Repair Minnesota

While generator sales are a part of our business, so is generator repair. We’re there for you to maintain your standby generator system, and repair it if it needs repair. We arrive promptly, with professional tools in hand, to ensure that your unit works well. If it needs to be repaired, we do so quickly and accurately, so your generator will continue to run for many years to come.

It is our promptness, attention to detail, and the way we treat our customers that makes us the one stop shop for all things generator and electrical throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. We respond quickly to service calls so that your generator is always there when you need it.

No-Worry Warranty Repairs

All of the generators that we install are covered under a 5-year warranty. This means that if a defect or other covered issue occurs, we can come in and perform the repair at no cost to you. Because we are able to perform warranty repairs on the generators that we install, you don’t have to worry about contacting someone else to take care of your repairs. You will never have to deal with a warranty repair center or spend hours on the phone trying to get something done by a manufacturer. All you have to do is make one call to us for anything dealing with your generator service and we’ll be there for you.

Maintenance That Extends The Life Of Your Generator

Regular generator service and maintenance will extend the life of your generator. Why? Because regular check-ups confirm that all moving parts are working properly, that there are no strange sounds coming from anywhere within the system, and that there are no potential problems that could become larger issues later. The evaluation we perform is thorough, so that we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure your generator will run properly the next time you need to use it.

24/7 Emergency Services

If your generator is not working properly and you’re in a situation where you need it right now, we are there 24/7 to take care of the problem so your unit is back up and running in no time. We have contractors located throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota who are able to get to you as quickly as possible no matter the time of day or night.

Contact A Minnesota Generator Company

There are times when a generator needs to be serviced to ensure its long-term operation. At Midwest Electric & Generator, we sell generators, repair and service them, and maintain them for the long term. We are also here for all of your other electrical needs, making us the only call you will ever have to make when you are faced with an electrical issue. To learn more about our electrical and generator services, call us at 612-284-1550 and request a free quote.