Warranty Repairs

Minnesota Generator Repair & Warranty

The warranty is a very important part of the product because it says a lot about the manufacturer’s confidence in their work. If a product has a short warranty, it means defects can only be repaired during that period of time. The 5-year warranty issued with our generators shows that the products are solid and that the unit is expected to last.

If an issue outside normal wear and tear occurs to your generator within that period of time, then you can call us and we will repair it for you. We do warranty repairs, non-warranty repairs, and scheduled maintenance.

No-Hassle Warranty Repairs

If you’ve ever tried to get a warranty repair performed on anything that you have purchased in the past, it’s possible that you had to contact a warranty repair center that is separate from the company you bought it from, or you had to fight with the manufacturer. With our company, we represent great manufacturers and perform warranty repairs on everything we sell. This cuts out middlemen, customer service representatives that may not understand the issue, and warranty repair centers. When you purchase a generator from Midwest Electric and Generator, you establish a relationship, which means we’re there for you anytime your generator needs to be repaired or maintained.

In the case of warranty repairs, we come to your location, evaluate the problem, and perform a warranty repair for you at no cost. It’s as easy as that. We ensure that we’re prompt, thorough, and professional.

Prompt Repair Services

Because we have contractors located all around Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, we can arrive at your location quickly when you are in need of a warranty repair. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for when you need your generator but something is not working correctly. We take care of the problem as quickly as we can so you can go about your day in the most stress-free way possible. We want you to get the most out of your generator and we will always be available to ensure that.

Contact An Expert Minneapolis Generator Company

The warranty says a lot about a product and that is why our generators come with a full 5 year warranty rather than a short-term warranty. We guarantee that you’ll get the most out of your generator without concern about repairs. The fact that we carry only the best brands in the industry also means you’ll get the best warranty. To learn more about our generators and services or to get a free quote, call us at 612-284-1550 today.