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Homeowner Generator Sales Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin

In the Midwest, having a generator connected to your home can be incredibly beneficial. With the unpredictable weather that occurs in the area, this is something that is incredibly important. You never know when you’ll experience a power outage that takes out the power and causes the temperature within your home to drop fast, or worse. With a generator, you can keep the heat going, as well as other essentials, so you don’t find yourself in an incredibly uncomfortable situation.

At Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc., we carry only the best generators so that your home has a lasting unit to rely on. Once your generator is in place, we can maintain it for you, and also perform warranty and non-warranty repairs as needed throughout the life of the generator. Investing in a standby backup generator is a wise investment in peace of mind that more and more homeowners are utilizing.

Helping You Be Prepared

One of the aspects of a home generator is that you are prepared for the worst. All around the country, particularly in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota, generator sales are on the rise due to our increasing reliance on electricity for daily use, and the probability that power grid failure or storms will cause power outages.

While generators are extremely useful during all seasons (Spring and Fall storms, Winter deep freezes and blizzards), they’re also useful during the summer, when air conditioners can overload power stations and cause prolonged outages, as well as the threat of strong winds and tornados. If you live in a home where you or a loved one may have a requirement for electricity due to a health condition, then a generator is a very smart, if not essential, investment.

You also save money when you have a home generator. When the electricity goes out, you can keep your refrigerator and any chest freezers running. This will keep hundreds of dollars in food from spoiling. Over time, food loss adds up for those that experience frequent power outages.

Your One Stop Shop

At Midwest Electric & Generator, Inc., we are your one stop shop for all of your generator and electrical needs. We sell generators, perform warranty repairs, complete non-warranty repairs, and maintain the generator for you so you are always prepared for the unexpected. We also specialize in electrical repairs, remodels, and a wide range of services so that you can ensure the electrical integrity of your home.

Our Minneapolis generator company makes sure that you only have to make one call for your electrical needs, as we strive to ensure that you’re consistently satisfied.

Contact Expert Minneapolis Residential Generator Installers

Having a generator for your home can be a part of your plan of preparedness when it comes to bad weather or other factors that can cause the power to go out. Generators are especially useful for the home in the winter, when the temperatures drop below zero. Heavy snows can lead to power outages and it can get cold inside fast. And that’s just the winter – other seasons have their methods of causing power outages. So call us today to request a free quote at 612-284-1550.