Whole-Home Standby Generators

Whole-home standby generators are a huge plus for today’s home buyer.

In Recent News

In the past few weeks, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota have been hit with several severe storms. Communities received alerts for tornado warnings and braced for potential impact. Gusting winds, heavy rain, and lighting were prominent throughout areas of the Twin Cities, Metro, Northland, Duluth, and southern cities such as Rochester and Mankato. These storms rendered tens of thousands of homeowners without power. Depending on where you lived, local utility workers struggled to clear debris and restore power loss. For homeowners who lived in homes with whole-home standby generators, life carried on as usual.

When new homeowners look at properties, whether or not properties have whole-home standby generators, probably is not too high on the checklist. Whole-home standby generator systems of this kind that are typically powered by natural gas or propane, can be an added expense. Properties with whole-home standby generators already in place are of huge value for a new homeowner. They also minimize worries about future natural disasters that can result in power outages.

The House On The Hill

Just like homes, there are several sizes of generator systems to fit the needs of the homeowner. The homeowner will need to determine which electronics they wish to have protected with backup power.

A whole-home generator provides power to this home located in Duluth.  This seven-bedroom single-family home is sited on 2.4 acres. Each of the formal rooms have fireplaces. High ceilings and high-end appliances are among the home’s many compelling attributes. Buyers may also appreciate the technologies incorporated into the home, including an automated front gate and digitally controlled lighting. The stone terrace off the rear of the house embraces the pool and spa, which are equipped with an electronic pool cover. The whole-home standby generator powers the pool, as well!

Peace of Mind

The Generac standby generator installed at the house on the hill, faithfully kicked on several times this year during the severe weather power outages. Midwest Electric & Generator’s team of expert installers were relieved to hear from the customer reporting, “The food in the refrigerator and freezer never went bad, which I know happened to so many people! We are beyond blessed to have made the decision to hire Midwest to install our generator. The Generator provided peace-of-mind with our large family and in the extreme heat this summer.”

Talk Of The Town

Neighbors agree that Midwest Electric & Generator is their preferred choice for all standby power needs. “Once again, the talk of the town was the need for a generator. Midwest came out and quoted what we needed right away and the installation was a breeze.”

Many homeowners see that one house with its lights on during a blackout and wish it was them! In today’s real estate market, homes that already have generator systems in place are a huge plus.

Quality Residential Standby Systems

A home that is outfitted with a generator is one that can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer in case the power goes out. At Midwest Electric & Generator, we carry a range of residential generators that can keep your home running when everyone else is left in the dark.

We carry the most reliable brands – from Generac, GE, Kohler, Cummins, and Winco – and our employees are some of the best in the industry. So you can rest easy knowing your system will work for the long-term. This beats having a unit that wears down in a short period of time if it is used for more than a few times per year. The units we install are designed to last, as is evidenced by the backup power generators we have installed throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Home generators are not simple systems. There are two major components to a home standby system. The first is “normal” utility power mode, where electricity is coming from the city power grid, and the generator is in standby mode. The generator is wired into the electrical loads into the home without compromising the home system, which keeps the battery charged for whenever the system is needed.

The second major component comes into play when a power outage occurs. If the utility power fails or falls to less than 85 percent, the standby system automatically triggers a “transfer switch” which begins the start sequences so that the home can be adequately powered. The transfer panel control is what senses that the utility power has reached an unacceptable level. If the utility power is not on before 3 seconds have gone by, the system will start. If the utility power is back on in three seconds, the generator’s engine will not start. The entire sequence of operations starts within 10 seconds of the time the power goes out.

When the power comes back on, the transfer panel control senses it is back and will wait for the voltage to reach an acceptable level. The load is then transferred back to the utility source and the generator set source is disconnected. The generator then goes through a cool-down period before automatically resetting to standby mode.

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We make it easy for any homeowner or business – first, we schedule a site visit to listen to your concerns, needs, and expectations. Then we take measurements and assess the property. Lastly, we make our recommendations of brands and sizes, along with pricing. Our experts walk you through the process to make sure that you have the backup power that you need – whether it’s for the most vital selected areas or the entire property.

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